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Episode 31 – Dr. Anita Schuchardt – “Modeling Biology with Mathmatics”

Mark talks with Anita Schuchardt about her experience teaching using modeling methodology in biology at the university level. They talk about the value of having students develop mathematical models as well as pictorial representations of concepts they study. They also talk about the development of the modeling curriculum resources for biology as well as the…

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Episode 29 – Dr. James Vesenka – “Modeling with a University Professor”

Mark talks with Jamie Vesenka, “Dr. V.” to his students about modeling instruction at the university level, developing a physics course for students who intend to pursue life science careers, challenges of pandemic learning, and a sensor tool that has been incredibly useful for physics instruction even while studying remotely, iOLab. Finally, they talk about…

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Episode 27 – John Baunach – Computational Modeling and More

This month, Mark talks with John Baunach, a modeler and teacher of ninth-grade physics. He talks about his career journey as well as the ways that modeling changed his teaching. They talk about computational modeling in physics first using code to help students understand mechanics. They also talk about the flow of courses at John’s…

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