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Episode 22 – Marta Stoeckle – Thoughts on “instructional shifts” and “Educational Equity”

In this episode, Mark talks with Marta Stoeckle, who teaches physics and other science courses outside St. Paul, Minnesota. They talk about the improvements Marta experienced in her teaching after attending a modeling workshop. This led to their discussion of Marta’s research in STEM education. Finally, they talk about the new way for modelers to connect — the AMTA Discord server.

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Episode 20 – Kathy Harper – “Ohio State University, Modeling and Engineering”

In this episode, Mark talks with Kathy Harper, a senior lecturer in engineering education at The Ohio State University. She tells us about how she found her way to a modeling workshop half her lifetime ago, and how modeling has changed her life. They also talk about the work that Kathy has done bringing modeling workshops to Ohio, and then having workshops to develop small activities to bring tastes of engineering to our science courses. We hope you enjoy listening!

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Episode 19 – Mike Gallagher – “Systemic Reform in Education for Michigan”

In this episode, Mark talks with Mike Gallagher, who is a science educator working to support K-12 science education in Michigan. He and Mark talk about how Mike learned to teach using constructivist methodologies, and later found modeling instruction. They talk about how teachers in Michigan have been using modeling instruction with great success, and the huge impact it has for a new teacher to attend a modeling workshop.

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