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Episode 35 – Bryan Battaglia – Leading Students to Deeper Understanding

For this episode, Mark caught up with physics modeler Bryan Battaglia, during a modeling instruction workshop on computational modeling, physics first with bootstrap. They talked about Bryan’s teaching journey and how modeling meshes quite well with the IB curriculum. They spend time talking about things we may do as teachers that actually stand in the…

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Episode 34 – Gloria Kreischer Gajewicz – “Improving Student Outcomes Through Modeling Instruction”

In this episode, Mark talks with Dr. Gloria Kreischer Gajewicz about her experience finding modeling instruction as a veteran teacher, about shifting to standards-based grading, and about her Ph.D. research into improving student outcomes through modeling instruction. Guests Dr. Gloria Kreischer Gajewicz Dr. Gloria Kreischer Gajewicz has been a high school science educator for more…

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