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Episode 14 – Fran Poodry and Matt Greenwolfe – “Tools of the Trade”

In this episode, Mark talks with Fran Poodry and Matt Greenwolfe. They talk about how each one came to find modeling instruction and how their first modeling workshop changed their teaching. They also talk about tools and resources for the modeling classroom while we are unable to share lab equipment. These tools provide both lab data students can analyze and the opportunity to upload student-created videos and analyze the data. This is a very timely discussion, as many teachers are rethinking their plans for classes this year.

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Episode 13 – Mark Schober – “The Richness of Learning From One Another”

In this episode, Mark talks with Mark Schober about his career as a physics teacher, how modeling changed his teaching, how that led him to using Standards Based Grading with Modeling Physics, and later how Mark was part of the group of experts developing the modeling materials for waves and light. Mark talks about how he loves making and sharing ideas for low-cost lab equipment. They end with talking about the importance of community for teachers.

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Episode 12 – Teresa Marx – “AMTA’s New President”

In this episode, Mark talks with incoming AMTA president, Teresa Marx. They talk about the way Teresa’s teaching looks different as a result of modeling instruction, starting the organization STEMTeachersMassBay, the recent virtual AMTA conference, and Teresa’s ideas for the next year with AMTA. Guest Bio Teresa Marx Teresa is a public school parent and…

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Episode 11 – Rebecca Vieyra & Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz – “Building Content Knowledge, AMTA Projects and a New App”

In this episode, Mark talks with Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz, AMTA’s first executive officer and now senior fellow, and Rebecca Vieyra, who works through many channels to improve our systems of education. They talk about the value of teacher training in a workshop setting, where the instructor and participants all participate in building content knowledge. Rebecca tells…

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