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Episode 52 – Karle Delo – Implementing A.I. In The Classroom

In this episode, Mark talks with Karle Delo about how teachers could use AI tools to generate ideas for connections between topics of study and areas of interest for their students. She talks about how to get started using AI and discusses the importance of not ignoring it entirely. She has many good resources and…

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Episode 50 – Deanna Cullen – Editor for ChemEdX

In this episode, Mark talks with Deanna Cullen, about her work as a teacher, how she came to modeling, and how it changed her teaching. They talk about the work she is doing now with the Journal of Chemical Education and with ChemEdX, the Chemical Education Exchange. They also talk about Target Inquiry, a 2…

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Episode 49 – Kathy Malone – “FCI, the cognitive and metacognitive benefits of modeling and Kazakhstan”

In this episode, Mark talks with Kathy Malone about her first exposure to modeling instruction methodology through the very first modeling physics workshop. They talk about Kathy’s role in working to create the initial biology modeling materials, her research and work in Kazakhstan, and finally the research she has just recently published. Guests Kathy Malone…

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