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Episode 17 – Chance Hoellwarth – “A University Supporting M.I.”

In this episode, Mark talks with Chance Hoellwarth, who is the director of the Center for Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Education and professor in the Physics Department at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. He talks about his journey from physics undergraduate to working in physics education, and finally to Cal Poly’s CESAME, where he works to expose teachers and potential teachers to excellent teaching methods. He talks about how he first learned of modeling instruction and about the workshops at Cal Poly in physics, biology, and chemistry.

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Episode 16 – Erica Posthuma & Molly Bickle – The next Generation

In this episode, Mark talks with Erica Posthuma and her student Molly Bickle. This conversation explores passing the torch to a next generation science instructor. Guest Bio Molly Bickle Molly Bickle is a senior at University High School of Indiana. She is a varsity golfer in the fall and is heavily involved in her school’s…

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Episode 15 – Dan Peluso – Astronomy and Grades Don’t Matter?

In this episode, Mark talks with Dan Peluso, an astrophysics PhD candidate working on getting students and teachers to do citizen science in the classroom. He talks about how he became a teacher and became a part of the modeling community, and using modeling and astronomy in his physics classes. He shares his plans as he moves into working on his PhD full time this year as well as working with SETI to get telescopes into classrooms all over the world, enabling students to become part of the scientific community even at a young age.

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Episode 14 – Fran Poodry and Matt Greenwolfe – “Tools of the Trade”

In this episode, Mark talks with Fran Poodry and Matt Greenwolfe. They talk about how each one came to find modeling instruction and how their first modeling workshop changed their teaching. They also talk about tools and resources for the modeling classroom while we are unable to share lab equipment. These tools provide both lab data students can analyze and the opportunity to upload student-created videos and analyze the data. This is a very timely discussion, as many teachers are rethinking their plans for classes this year.

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Episode 13 – Mark Schober – “The Richness of Learning From One Another”

In this episode, Mark talks with Mark Schober about his career as a physics teacher, how modeling changed his teaching, how that led him to using Standards Based Grading with Modeling Physics, and later how Mark was part of the group of experts developing the modeling materials for waves and light. Mark talks about how he loves making and sharing ideas for low-cost lab equipment. They end with talking about the importance of community for teachers.

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