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Episode 45 – Phil Culcasi – Give Kids a Reason To Learn

In this episode, Mark talks with Phil Culcasi, a science and math teacher from Illinois, about his experience using modeling methodologies and leading workshops. They talk about asking questions to get at the students’ thinking, grading without points, and whiteboarding. They also talk about Phil’s work with aspiring teachers and his current project to bring…

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Episode 44 – Kelli Warble – “Strong Advocate for Science Education”

In this episode, Mark talks with Kelli Warble, long-time modeler and now works at Arizona State University primarily in physics education. They talk about her early exposure to modeling instruction and the new units for modeling in the middle school math classroom that they’re working on, including this summer’s bite-size workshops in middle school math.…

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Episode 42 – Frank Novakowski – Helping Students Make Connections

In this episode, Mark talks with experienced modeler Frank Novakowski about the key changes to his teaching when he began using modeling instruction. They talk about the importance of the storyline in modeling, and how Frank and others are working to make the ideas in biology fit together in a cohesive story. He talks about…

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