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Episode 40 – Dwain Desbien – Rethinking What We Teach and Why

In this episode, Mark talks with Dwain Desbien, a physics instructor at the community college level, about his research in physics education, methods to get students thinking deeply, and ways that we may consider why we teach what we teach as well as things we could add to improve our students’ understanding. Guests Dwain Desbien…

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Episode 39 – George Nelson – Modeling in Middle Schools

In this episode, Mark talks with middle school modeling teacher George Nelson. They talk about the importance of building skills, rather than just focusing on making it through the assigned topics. Additionally they talk about the importance of classroom community and connecting with students. Guest George Nelson George has taught middle school since 2009, and…

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Episode 38 – Dan Peluso – Astronomy, SETI, Music and Modeling

In this episode, Mark talks with Dan Peluso about his time teaching physics and astronomy and the work he has done to help develop the modeling instruction materials and workshop for astronomy modeling (the next one is coming up in January!) They talk about the work he is doing at the SETI Institute with citizen…

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