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Episode 53 – Mark Lattery – Modeling Method and Modeling Teachers International

In this episode, Mark talks with Mark Lattery, professor of physics at University of Wisconson, OshKosh. He has taught using modeling methods since 1999. He does research in experimental particle physics and modeling methods. They talk about modeling physics in Mark Lattery’s college-level physics course for non-majors, and how Mark first learned about modeling early in his teaching career.


Mark Lattery

Mark Lattery received a Ph. D. degree in experimental particle physics and a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities. He is Distinguished Professor of Physics, the 2021 David Hestenes Award for Exceptional Contributions to Modeling Instruction recipient, and President of Modeling Teachers International, a new subsidiary of the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA). Lattery is also an experimental particle physicist and a member of the PANDA Collaboration at FAIR. For excellence in teaching, Lattery was named UW-System Wisconsin Teaching Scholar and Wisconsin Teaching Fellow. His research interests include physics education, experimental particle physics, and the history and philosophy of science. The author of many peer-reviewed research articles, Dr. Lattery has published in such diverse journals as Physical Review Letters, The Physics Teacher, School Science and Mathematics, Physics Education, and Science & Education. Dr. Lattery is author of the book, Deep Learning in Introductory Physics: Exploratory Studies of Model-Based Reasoning (Information Age Publishing, 2017).



[8:13] Mark Lattery “I guess the most important thing I’ve learned about modeling theory is the richness and diversity with which one can describe the scientific modeling process, and how we use that process to learn new things.”

[32:34] Mark Lattery “if I give a two-day workshop, I come up with the simplest possible content that I can think of. So the focus is not on the subject matter content, but on the pedagogical aspects about models and modeling.”

[34:22] Mark Lattery “within the modeling community, there’s this open invitation, please join us and be part of creating what modeling in the classroom might look like in the future.”


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[1:00] PANDA

[17:43] Deep Learning in Introductory Physics, Information Age Publishing

[28:54] Modeling Teachers International

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