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Episode 52 – Karle Delo – Implementing A.I. In The Classroom

In this episode, Mark talks with Karle Delo about how teachers could use AI tools to generate ideas for connections between topics of study and areas of interest for their students. She talks about how to get started using AI and discusses the importance of not ignoring it entirely. She has many good resources and encourages teachers to take a look and see what could help them improve their practice or even streamline the sub plan building process.


Karle Delo

Karle Delo is the Curriculum Director and an instructional coach at Ovid-Elsie Area Schools in Mid-Michigan. Before becoming a coach, she taught middle school science for ten years and used Modeling Instruction in her classroom. In her current role, she provides support and training to teachers on how to build 21st-century skills among students. She is also a frequent speaker at education conferences, and in 2023, she was named one of the top 30 K-12 EdTech Influencers to follow by EdTech Magazine. On her TikTok and Instagram channels, @coachkarle, she creates videos about Canva, Google for Education, and the latest AI tools for teachers.

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[10:35] Karle Delo “one great way to use [AI] that I’ve found is coming up with ideas for lesson hooks, for ideas to relate the content to your students specifically.”

[26:47] Karle Delo “If you wanna use it to think for you, that’s not gonna be a great product. If you’re using it to make you a better thinker. And as that thought partner brainstorming buddy, it’s going to have a much bigger positive impact on what you do.”


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Ep 52 Transcript


[10:49] Magic
[12:35] EduAide
[14:39] AI for Education
[15:47] Chat GPT
[16:08] Google Bard

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