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Episode 32 – Jeff Steinert – “From Mechanical Engineer to Science Modeling Teacher”

In this episode, Mark talks with Jeff Steinert, a physics modeler with 24 years of experience with modeling instruction.
They talk about building a storyline for the course and about changing lab activities to better suit the students you have at a given time. They also talk about the way students learn and some of the latest research in science education.


Jeff Steinert

Jeff first became aware of physics education research in 1990. He read about the research, finding topics discussed to be the very topics he found to be most challenging in his own classroom. Jeff was able to be part of a cohort of teachers trained in modeling instruction in 1998 and 1999. He has continued to teach, learn, lead modeling workshops, and modify labs ever since.



[34:47] Jeff Steinert “it’s good for students to actually have algorithms for doing things because when they’re learning the concepts, … they need more of their working memory for those concepts. They can’t be figuring out process at the same time, but if they practice the process while they’re applying the new concepts and the process is laid out for them on paper they learn better].”


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